Name: J Skillz

J-Skillz was born in Cincinnati,OH on April,14, 1987 into a family of musicians and singers. His grandfather ,formally known as Bobby Blues, was immediately influential to him as a musician giving him early exposure to band rehearsals, instruments, equipment, a classic record collection and other seasoned musicians to study. J-Skillz grandmother worked as music director of Trinity Baptist Church providing him with leadership experience as a child. They enrolled him into private music lessons where he studied classical theory. He then took his skills as a pianist into the world of hip hop music production and taught himself how to write songs and perform the lyrics. At 19 Skillz became a music instructor for young children and eventually being friends official lyricist of the year in the 2011 Ohio Hip Hop Awards along with over 20 best battle victories world wide. Skillz has produced tracks featuring Snoop Dogg, Takin Keeping, Machine Gun Kelly, X-Clan and many more. He has performed on keyboard on stages with Chaka Khan, Playa, Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli, Al B. Sure, Eric Roberson, Young James Brown, Cedric The Entertainer, Snoop Dogg and many more. He is now a music director the inspires artists and musicians all over the world. Growing up Skillz was influenced by James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Beethoven, Dr. Dre, Snooo Dogg, Eminem and Stevie Wonder. His creative process in the studio is definitely inspired by his home state of Ohio whom he verbal references as the inventors of funk music.