Fortune: Artist

Fortune was born in Cincinnati,OH on Dec 27, 1983 growing up a lover for music from all genres. Her biggest influences include various legends in music like 2Pac, India Arie, No Limit Records, Michael Jackson, Queen Latifah, Teedra Moses, Gwen Stefani, Anita Baker, Donna Summers, Earth Wind and Fire, Le Chic and Ace of Base... just to name a few. As a teenager she sung in chorus at both high schools she attended. She has performed as a young child at many talent shows as well as musical plays gaining a great amount of attention as a young talent. At age 12, Fortune began writing lyrics to hip hop beats she would find on mixtapes or radio singles. When she turned 16 she along with 2 high school friends formed a lyrical triple threat female rap group called Addiction. Their product gained them all phenomenal street credibility as performers and lyricists which eventually caught the attention of major labels who would then offer them a record deal. Years later, the group would go on to work on their solo careers. Fortune traveled to different cities and states where she would eventually score meetings with the likes of G-Unit, Static Major, Bobby Hill and many major label producers. She has performed amongst artists such as 50 Cent, Bootsy Collins, Jonell, Afroman and many more. Her style on the microphone is fresh and very versatile. Her flow is the perfect balance being a hardcore lyricist and a truth teller with positive messages that inspire everyone that appreciates good music and creative lyricism.