Support Level Policy

Capitalized terms herein shall have the meaning set out in the Terms of Use or as defined in this policy (the “Support Level Policy”). The definitions and interpretation rules set out in the Terms of Use shall be applicable to this Support Level Policy.

Unless specified otherwise, the Support Level Policy hereunder describes the availability of the standard Support Service provided directly by the Operator. Should the Client have subscribed to any third-party support services, such services are not described hereunder.

Explanatory notes: 

  • Please note that the Operator has committed to the availability as set out in the Service Level Policy of 99.95% set out herein as one of its key ISO27001 commitments and Scoro’s systems are regularly audited to assess the compliance of Scoro’s SaaS provision and development to the ISO27001 standard. 
  • Please note that the Operator has committed to the availability of the Platform in a separate Service Level Policy available here

1. Requests for Support Service

1.1 The Operator shall provide a comprehensive overview of the Platforms functions available via the Help Center published at

1.2. The Client may request Support Service by submitting a request form via the Help Center.

1.3 The Client may request Support Service via a call-back request made to a phone line published at the Help Center.

1.4 Should the Client not duly identify themselves while requesting Support Service or if required so by the Operator, the Operator shall not have the obligation to provide any Support Service.


2. Availability of the Support Service

2.1 During the term of the Contract the Operator shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to incidents or errors from Clients within the following timeframes:

2.1.1 the Operator shall address any server availability issues of the Platform to meet the availability commitment set out in the Service Level Policy on a 24/7 basis. 

2.1.2 the Operator shall respond to any errors reported by the Client within 48 hours of Operator’s receipt of Client’s notification during Normal Business Hours.

2.2 The Operator shall prioritize addressing any Support Service requests that describe objectively errors arising from the Platform that have a critical impact on the Client’s business operation while using the Platform for its intended purpose.

2.3 For the purpose of this Support Level Policy, “Normal Business Hours” shall mean from Monday to Friday 5 am until 7 pm UTC and UTC+01:00 during Northern Hemisphere summer time.


3. Limitations

3.1 No rights shall arise from this Support Level Policy to third parties that are not Clients of the Operator.

3.2 Should the Client reach out to the Operator via the Support Service email, Help Center request form, or call-back request set out in the Support Level Policy and not use the Support Service for reporting errors or availability, the availability commitment set out in the Support Level Policy shall not apply to responding to such requests. However, the Operator shall undertake to reasonably respond to such requests. 

3.3 This Support Level Policy is subject to limitations set out in the Terms of Use and the Contract.

3.4 The Support Service shall not copy full contents published at the Help Center in its responses to Support Service requests and shall presume that the Client has thoroughly worked through the relevant Help Center article when requesting the Support Service when responding to such requests.



  • Valid from: January 19th, 2022
  • Last update: September 21st, 2023