Leading global companies trust Scoro to achieve more

Trust Impact Success Story

"Scoro's ability to track the whole journey from the moment you say 'Hello', moving from quotes right through to new projects and all the automation that goes along with that – to me, that is the best thing."

Matt Stevenson Dodd
Managing Director
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"Scoro is miles ahead of any other agency work management platform out there."

Harv Nagra
Group Director of Operations
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Mallol and Scoro case study

"It’s like cleaning your house and seeing the end result come together. Understanding that the data is really in one place and that it’s all correct – creating this ultimate truth is a great positive."

Monica Fernandez
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Modern media about Scoro

"We needed a system that lets us manage longer-term consultancy programs as well as short-term projects – a platform that doesn’t focus just on time and materials, but that supports multi-currency working and is scalable enough to grow along with us."

Nicola Ray
Founder and CEO
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Aava & Bang Success Story

"Creative work requires careful time planning. When done right, it enables us to find the balance between staying organized and thinking outside the box. With Scoro, we’ve been able to strike that balance."

Anna-Kaisa Reed
Art Director and Design Team Manager
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Stratford Group

"As we hoped, we now have all the key business information in one system, and it all connects. We can now be highly accurate on project profitability."

Colleen Kelley, President
Stratford Group
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Cross Media Nederlands case study

"Everyone working with Scoro has become more self-sufficient and independent, which, as a result, improves our cross-team collaboration and client relationships."

Bart de Wilde
Senior Account Manager
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feat. agency team

“We looked at several tools, including Monday.com, Basecamp, and Asana, but none could offer the breadth of features that Scoro has.”

Attila Probáld, CEO
feat. Agency
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Scoro & BombsAway logos

“Scoro has enabled us to take our companies time-tracking on the next level – we’ve improved our time management 100% and as a result eliminate unplanned overtime.”

Tycho Derks, Project Manager
Bombs Away
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“We feel that we finally have a tool that enables us to grow – and that will scale as we add more people to the team.”

Tyler Webb-Harding, Operations Director
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Office space in Laguna Pools

“Scoro is one true source of information and invaluable tool for our business.”

Rhian Margate, Operations Manager
Laguna Pools
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Scoro and Significans logos

"Scoro has made our internal communication and project management much more efficient. We’re at least 70% more productive than we were before. "

Marc Raad, President
Significans Automation
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NOSUCH creative work

"Scoro creates structure for all our teams. Even our creative teams who may normally work in a more unstructured way benefit from using Scoro and can use their time more effectively. "

Stefanie van der Leegte, Managing Director, Shared Service Center
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"We wanted everything to be in one place, more flexibility, simplicity, integration and something that was intuitive in its usability. Scoro has become an integral part of running the business today, and we are very satisfied with the way Scoro has helped across the board."

Tom Penrose-Harding, Senior Account Executive
Butcher & Gundersen
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Triinu Toomela - Soulteam case study

"If the inside is organized, then the outside can only be better. With Scoro, we have systems and productivity tools that help us operate efficiently."

Triinu Toomela
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Tehnopol team

"We’ve seen greater synergy and more information sharing between departments, so Scoro is enabling much-needed collaboration in addition to supporting the growth of our business."

Oliver Loit, HealthTech and Connected Health Cluster Innovation Manager
Tehnopol Science and Business Park
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"With Scoro, our consultants have become the rulers of their time and planning. More than that, they are now saving around 2 hours every week."

Wouter Blom, Online Marketing Consultant
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Aesara Partners

"With Scoro, we have found a work management software that is transparent and easy to use – a system that works for the user, not the other way around."

Jodie Gibbens, CEO
Aesara Partners
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"The decision to start using Scoro was one of the best cases of process optimization."

Janis Možeiko, CEO
Air Guru
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