Name: Rexx

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

About: Rexx, also known as “Audio Jack,” grew up with a passion for music and unmatched creativity. He continues to keep friends and family entertained with his outgoing and humorous personality. A gentle being, Rexx is the guy in the studio pushing clients to create the most harmonic sound and helping talent reach their full musical potential. Rexx has 8 years of percussion experience and an Audio Engineering and Video Production Degree from Cincinnati State College of Technology. Rexx knows the ins and outs of in-studio multi-track recording, audio mixing, sound design, and video production. A driven and dedicated individual, with a keen ear for music, Rexx has experience with many genres and diverse recording sounds. Writing and recording as an artist himself, Rexx can relate and understand to the music making process, often being a great resource to his talent, both in and out of the studio. Being young with this kind of raw talent is a lethal weapon to the industry. “Audio Jack, Your Audio Plug”