Name: Pry Tha Great

"All I know is music." March 20, 1988 was a day that hip hop need to remember because a great lyricist was born. Stephen Brooks a.k.a. "Pry tha Great" came into the world destined to live his name. "I had the best of both worlds. My mom listened to a lot of old school R & B like Anita Baker, Toni Braxton etc. Whenever my dad came around I had influences like Biggie, 2pac, 8Ball and MJG. I liked both growing up." Pry's father was rarely into the picture and he had a hard time dealing with that. "My mom wasn't around because she had to work two jobs to support me and my brother. Even though she didn't want me in the streets, she couldn't control what she didn't know." Growing up on the West Side of Cincinnati Ohio, Pry seen a lot of things happen before he was ready for it. From seeing his friends get locked up, to a few dying, he learned very quickly that he didn't want to become a statistic. "My mom would always tell me to write down how I feel with no filter. Didn't know it would turn into rhyme schemes tho." With the influence of his bigger brother Jayce Miguel, Pry decided to write his first rap at the age of 12. "I asked my brother what did he think because he was already rapping. I can tell he didn't like it but he told me to keep at it." Pry wrote 3 albums before turning 15 but never got in the studio to record them. After getting together with a family member, Pry finally recorded his first song at the age of 15. "I look back on the way I was rapping on that track now and I'm like how could anyone sit there and listen to that? Ha." Ever since that song, Pry wanted more. No one would support Pry's decision to become a rapper except for a few friends and his brother. He didn't take making music seriously until he was 18. "I won first place at my school's poetry contest that took me 10 minutes to write. My teachers were amazed. And the reaction I got from my school was priceless. Ever since then I felt like I can do this." Now after 3 mixtapes and 3 albums and being in and out of groups for various reasons, Pry finally feels like its' his time now. "I'm not giving up. All of the ups and downs I been through, I know I'm gonna be a big deal. And I will live up to my last name." Great expectations from "tha Great".

"Straight From The Pry-Jects" (2008)
"Swag Like A Rockstar" (2009)
"No Pry Zone" -Mixtape (2010)
"SuPry And Demand" (2011)
"Pry-Day tha 13th" -Mixtape (2013)